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Il Vigore: Vendemmia d’Artista celebrates the exclusive character of each Ornellaia vintage with a limited-edition label designed by a different famous contemporary artist every year, since the release of Ornellaia 2006. Each year, an artist creates a piece of art inspired by the character of the vintage. For the 14th edition, the selected artists are Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg, famed for their mixed-media works. The character “Il Vigore” (Vigour) of Ornellaia 2019 describes the energy of plant growth and the flourishing condition of nature that transforms itself, giving life to a landscape of energy, strength and power. The artists’ interpretation of “vigour” focuses on the theme of metamorphosis, the cycles of nature and its transformation, as well as the relationship between humans and the earth. As described by the duo, the finger depicted on the label leaves a print on the earth and is a representation of the wine, which sparks curiosity and a desire to reveal itself gradually before leaving a tangible impression in a lingering tasting experience. In the glass, connoisseurs will discover the energy that nature gives to plants and humans, in particular to the region that expresses itself as lifeblood: the lifeblood of “Il Vigore””.

 The Vintage: More than most vintages, 2019 was characterised by a highly variable climate, which alternated periods of cold and rain with long bouts of drought and heat. The cold and rainy conditions throughout April and May significantly slowed down the vegetative vine growth. Whereas in June, rainless weather arrived and it stayed warm and sunny throughout summer with temperatures 2°C above average and there were 45 consecutive days without rain. Fortunately, the long dry period was interrupted by two days of rain in July, bringing the temperature back to the seasonal norm, with ideal conditions for ripening, making it possible to preserve great finesse and aromatic freshness.

 The Wine: With an intense ruby-red colour, Ornellaia 2019 has a bouquet full of intriguing spicy and balsamic notes, including aromas of black pepper, sage and aromatic herbs. The wine is both full-bodied and vibrant in the mouth, filling the palate with its dense and elegant tannic texture with a persistent and beautifully crisp finish.

Each case of six includes five bottles of the regular label and one bottle with the Il Vigore special label design.